Hi, I’m Ella, the owner of Ego Aesthetics

Hi, I’m Ella, the owner of Ego Aesthetics

Hi, I’m Ella, the owner of Ego Aesthetics, my first business and my absolute obsession!

A lot of the people reading this blog will be current customers, I love you girls! It’s my pleasure making sure that my small but beautifully formed team have your lips on point!

So why write a blog? Well as Ego has expanded, people have asked about my story and background. It’s hard to take you through it all whilst concentrating on your gorge lips so I thought I’d put pen to paper – it’s been quite the ride and I’ve enjoyed every second!

Here is a potted history of Ella with a few snaps along the way to ease your boredom. Admittedly from the start I was a Tomboy growing up, I trained in a dojo constantly in my teens and became a 1st Dan Black Belt in Karate by the age of 18

Working 9-5 behind a desk would never have been my style, I wanted action, adventure and also was driven by the urge to help people. I considered medicine, nursing… and then bang! Paramedic came to the fore. Who doesn’t love saving lives for a living! And so I studied at Uni for 4 years (Paramedic Science is a longer course than nursing, not better, just different and longer) while simultaneously working for the London Ambulance Service, whom I joined full time once I’d graduated.

I spent 6 years treating the good folk of London town, facing into situations that most people run away from and saving lives with my colleagues. It’s a relatively thankless task in some cases, but now and again when you bring someone back – well you can only imagine the satisfaction and pride when the family thank you for saving a life.

The role wasn’t all in vain, I did get to attend the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate, albeit I was wearing a fetching little green number and working but still it was a great experience to be part of! Whilst I was in LAS, I also joined the Territorial Army, OK, so again the uniform wasn’t perhaps the most flattering, but as a trained Combat Medic I learnt so many things – our boys and girls in Afganistan were in constant danger and the amazing technological leaps made in trauma meant that combat medics were deployed constantly – I was desperate to go!
I was offered the chance to join operation Herrick 18, what an amazing opportunity, but alas, the call up came just too late as I had already committed to a role in Africa, in a beautiful country you may have heard of – Sierra Leone.

I left for Sierra Leone in early 2013 and worked between there and Liberia supporting remote Engineers and local workers in the construction of a huge hydro -electric dam which had been destroyed in the civil war and some other construction projects. You can only imagine some of the scenes I faced, when things go wrong in that environment you have to act fast and get it right – a trauma patient in that environment won’t last 3 or 4 hours in a 4×4 driving hundreds of miles to a medical facility. There were a small team of us and we dealt with a huge array of medical conditions from heart attacks to amputations to malaria.

One of my proudest moments in Africa was the community outreach work I did whilst there. I ran two projects that really mattered to me, first of all I ‘gently’ suggested to my company that it wasn’t fair that we lived in safe compounds when the locals were in such danger and voila, together with my team we bought and distributed thousands of mosquito nets to local villages. These were genuine life savers. My second project and one that was close to my heart when an abandoned baby was left outside camp who was born blind due to congenital cataracts . Baby Ella (I adopted her informally and paid for her treatment and a foster family) and many other babies and children had cataract treatment at a local eye hospital that if not funded by us would have meant that they faced a life in darkness and would have been outcasts in this rural community. Charity fundraising and pulling on the heart/purse strings of my employers meant that these children got the gift of sight.

Whilst I was in Sierra Leone, a terrible tragedy occurred, the country was ravaged by Ebola during 2014-2015.  Ebola is an (often fatal) viral hemorrhagic fever of humans and other primates and its victims are struck down in huge numbers and the results – well I can tell you this first hand, are utterly devastating. Most of the Ex-Pat population were ordered to leave the country, the remainder were almost exclusively medics like myself, trained in critical care in the harshest and most remote of environments. Alongside the British Army and DFID (Department for International Development) I helped to design, organise and run several Ebola Treatment Units. I won’t go into detail, you all saw the news reports but I was there, on the ground, doing my thing. I’m seriously proud of what we achieved there, people lived because of our care, we made a difference – it’s not often in life you can look back and know that you did good! The Queen thought so too, she even gave me a medal to prove it!

Having seen through the worst of the outbreak, I returned to the UK and worked with the North West Ambulance Service as an Specialist Paramedic. It was here, using the savings I had built up whilst in Africa that I came up with the idea of Ego. I went through a huge amount of training, literally thousands and thousands of pounds were spent with some of the best in the business to make sure that I understand in detail the procedures I am conducting and all of the side effects and hazards to look out for, trust me guys, I can bore you for hours on the subject.

So here we are, I spend my time in hugely different environments, medically and aesthetically trained to deal with whatever curve balls life throws at me!

Currently I own a thriving and growing business with an ever-expanding client base in a variety of locations and also it won’t surprise you to know that I still work on occasion (when I am not perfecting the pouts of you girls!) in a small town you may have heard of- Basra, Iraq, where I am responsible for the medical care of people in a hugely dangerous environment – sadly the wanderlust won’t let me go! I have the passion and energy to see the world (well, the dangerous bits mainly) and to contrast that, the passion to make already beautiful girls that bit more confident with how they look.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story so far, rest assured there is much more from Ego to come! We hope you continue to join us for the journey,

Love & Lips,

Ella  xxx

Ego Aesthetics